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The arm simulator allows developers to write software to the same interface as the actual  DARPA ARM Robot. The simulator attempts to produce the same results that would happen with the physical robot using  ODE physics simulation, and visualizing with  Gazebo.

This is done by combining a fairly precise description of the robots dimensions, limits and inertial characteristcs in  URDF (Unified Robot Description Format) with custom control software to reproduce the ARM Robot API.

The result is that if you write software for the simulator, it should be possible to run that same software on the actual robot, and for those of you inclined to do so, it's actually possible to  schedule time to have someone run your software on a specially set aside instance of the ARM system.

All of our code is written in C++ though all of the interfaces are written with ROS so the simulator may be used with any language supported by ROS including Python.

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